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Foundation Scholarships

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SF Foundation Scholarship Process

Students may apply for a maximum of three (3) scholarships as long as they meet the established criteria. Scholarship applicants must be enrolled as a full-time student (12 credit hours per semester) and have a minimum 2.0 GPA unless otherwise noted on the scholarship announcement. All applications are submitted online at STARS. Students must have a SF ID number before application is processed.  All applicants must submit a 100-word essay describing career goals and the benefits of receiving a scholarship.

Award letters will be emailed to students who are chosen to receive a scholarship award from the Foundation announcing the name and award offered, as well as specific scholarship information, responsibilities, and the criteria for that scholarship award. A thank you note must be received before award is posted to the student's college account.  Scholarships are non-transferable and students can receive only one scholarship award per academic year.

The Santa Fe College Foundation Scholarship Committee reserves the right to make final scholarship decisions.

For more information about the Scholarship process, please contact the Santa Fe College Foundation office at scholarships@sfcollege.edu or 352-395-5200.Image of two graduating students

Support SF Facilities

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Santa Fe College Foundation is raising funds to build a new Athletic Field House (see design below). The new state of the art facility will include training rooms for the prevention and treatment of injuries and dedicated locker rooms for the men’s baseball and women’s softball teams. 

Competitive team sports are an important part of any college experience. The benefits extend, not only to the student athletes, but to the student population as a whole. Sports foster a sense of pride in the institution over and above the usual academic experience and provides a sense of cohesiveness and community for the entire student body.

Field House

Fifty Years to First Campaign

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We would love to chat with you about ways to Inspire Education in our community.  Find out more about what we do.  We invite you to schedule a campus tour, get help with making a donation, learn about our scholarships or just say hello!  Call us at 352-395-5200. 

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When you make a gift to the Santa Fe College Foundation, the value of your dollar extends far beyond one person or one opportunity. The investment you make helps support the future of what our institution provides to the community, bringing the power of higher education within reach for thousands of people.